Opt-Out Notice

For new Search Assistant users, the Opt-Out Notice must be submitted to us no later than thirty (30) days after the first date you accept the EULA for the first time. No exceptions. We may email you at the primary email address you provide a confirmation of receipt of your opt-out notice and require that you verify that you submitted the opt-out. If we do, and we do not promptly (within five [5] calendar days) receive back verification then you agree that your attempt to opt-out is deemed ineffective.
I am writing to provide notice that I'm opting out of the Agreement to Arbitrate in the Search Assistant EULA. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement to Arbitrate, I'm providing the required information as follows.

My Full Legal Name:

My Full Street Address:

(Including unit or suite designation):

City/Town Where I Reside:

State (or equivalent) Where I Reside:

Country Where I Reside:

My Zip or Postal Code:

My Phone Number:
(international phone number in form "+prefix local-number")

All Email address(es) where I may be reached:

Other email addresses I use:

My ISP (internet service provider) is:

The IP Address I am currently using is:

The ID of my computer or device is:

If I am submitting this notice from an internet connection where I am not the subscriber the name of the subscriber and location are as follows:

My Digital or Electronic Signature is my Full legal name as typed here [type your full legal name]: