Notice Of Disputes

We are committed to providing a means for resolving disputes with users and customers in a fair and efficient manner. If you have a legitimate dispute (not just a gripe) with us or any of our software, products, platforms, websites, privacy policies, etc. - anything at all - we invite you to contact us. If after seeking help from customer support, your dispute has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please complete and send this form to our legal department. Please complete this form in its entirety (printing legibly). Retain a copy for your records and send the completed form by certified mail to Searchme c/o r ISL, Inc. 10 Bodie Drive, Carson City, NV 89706], and by email to We must acknowledge receipt of the email, or you must have an original receipt of the mailed form, for the Notice to be effective. If the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction within 30 days after this notice is delivered to us, per the EULA, you may begin arbitration by submitting a Demand for Arbitration to us and the American Arbitration Association, which demand form may be found at

Full Legal Name Your user name, if any
Telephone number   Email address
Mailing Address:
Please briefly describe the nature of your dispute and attach any supporting documents you wish to provide. If necessary, please use the reverse side or additional paper. Please briefly describe the relief you would like from us.
Should this matter not be resolved, and I decide to initiate arbitration, unless agree to otherwise I will initiate arbitration in circle one: (a) the county in which I reside in the USA, (b) the County in Nevada, USA where Searchme conducts business/is domiciled. (Mandatory.)
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You can download the form here